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LED Candle Lights

Buy an assortment of highly efficient LED Candle Lights at best prices from us! Our products are suitable for many indoor as well as outdoor applications. They are inspected thoroughly on all grounds – whether its quality, life, efficiency, design, or finishing.

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LED Candle Light (A4--5A2-11)

Our highly efficient LED Candle Light (A4--5A2-11) is curvaceous light that is offered in an amusing form. It is energy saving as well as cost saving, along with high in quality.


LED Candle Light (A4--5A2-13)

The LED Candle Light (A4--5A2-13), we offer, shows off a symphony of the futuristic design and an economical solution. It is suitable for use in chandeliers and table lamps.


LED Candle Light (A4--5A2-15)

Especially for the table lamps and wall lights, we bring forth our finest creation in the form of LED Candle Light (A4--5A2-15). Its design is basic, and its installation is easy.


LED Candle Light (A4--5A2-16)

The value of our LED Candle Light (A4--5A2-16) is expounded from the fact that it slashes the electricity bills and ensconces itself in the wall lights and table lamps.


LED Candle Light (CT-FP-01A1)

The LED Candle Light (CT-FP-01A1) is a unique concept of ours that makes the best use of the LED technology to light the area. Its hassle-free working makes it highly desirable.


1.6 LED Candle Light (CT-FP-01A2)

Our LED Candle Light (CT-FP-01A2) is reckoned a suitable lighting source for table lamps, wall lights, and even chandeliers. Its worth lies in its capability to work for a longer duration in a hassle-free way.